Verizon Contracts to Eliminate One-Year Option

All new Verizon contracts will have to be two years instead of the one-year option that wireless customers have had. These Verizon contract changes might leave quite a few customers frustrated, as it removes a lot of freedom that the company had been providing to the marketplace.

As of April 17, the one-year contract option will become a thing of the past for Verizon Wireless. The main reason that the company says for this change isnt going to be something that anyone will be happy with. That reason Verizon claims is that a, greater majority of customers sign up for a two-year contract. Thats right; they are going to eliminate an option because one is more favorable.

File:LG EnV3.jpg

If you believe the line that this company is towing, then you are going to be in the minority. What it will do is force customers that enjoy the Verizon services to commit to a longer term contract, and it gives the company a guaranteed flow of cash that they can bank on. Its something that could cause users to stop upgrading their phones though, so it begs the question of whether Verizon actually comes out ahead in the end.

Verizon customers hoping to renew their one-year deal have until Saturday, April 16 to get a new one in place, because after that, the only thing offered at this time will be a new two-year deal.

Are you a Verizon customer who preferred the one-year deals? Will you stick with the company after this change goes into place?

Photo Source: Wikimedia