They’ve done it again, AAA has sunk to a new low. Each day I read or hear in the news, some quote from AAA. Today, it was a story about not finding any link between gas prices and elections. Here is the link. and another article on halloween and drunk driving statistics. The link… Press releases are great, they save a lot of advertising costs for the corporation. But I have to say that this scientific investigation was about as deep as tin foil. Upon reading it, I was dumbstruck by the sheer stupidity. When somethings not right, I get curious, so I investigated. Turns out, if my research is correct, this this Michelle Donati person, is a young hot chick with ties to the Donati Winery. And with the deapth of her story, doesn’t have a lot upstairs. Which begs the question. How do hot young stupid chicks get jobs? They go to work for a bunch of horney old truck drivers over at AAA and do phony insufficiently scientific studies to make up pretend news articles and propaganda. AAA is known to have on their staff, alcoholics, and rapists, and then sending these people out to stranded female motorists on deserted highways. So it’s no wonder they know so much about drunk driving, they are experts. With scientific news articles as proof, and with consideration of all their employies ties with alcohol related business interests, it’s a no brainer. What they really should tell us in these press releases is that they don’t give a crap about your safety. Because they let their tow truck drivers sit around at the bars they own, and in between drinks, they send them out on service calls to transport people and property. Not too smart. What is rediculous is how news agencies continue to spread their rediculous propaganda pretending to be news articles. All the big news media companies are guilty of spreading this rediculous yellow journalism. Why is it these news agancies run fake stories, but not real ones like when AAA sends bar owning rapists out on service calls and totals peoples cars. Or when AAA kills or mames somebody. The least they could do is coordinate their propaganda, here is a story contradicting their first fake news release.