We Check Incorporated Announces the Debut of New Website Colorado Towers | Reuters

FORT COLLINS, CO, Jan 03 (Marketwire) — In an effort to further combat illegal towing practices, We CheckIncorporated is proud to announce the debut of its new “Colorado Towers”website, located at http://www.wecheckinc.com. To celebrate the website’s debut,We Check Incorporated is giving away four tablets to users who registerand post on their forum. In addition to its active listings, blog, andforum, the website is also launching a new classifieds page. The new service is in cooperation with the Towing and RecoveryProfessionals of Colorado and is aimed to certify to its customers whichtowing services have been validated. One of We Check Incorporated’s maingoals is to make consumers aware of towing laws. If one were to invite atower to perform tow on their property that did not have workers’compensation, that tower could sue the property owner’s insurance as wellas the property owner if they happened to get hurt. Each of We CheckIncorporated’s online listing of towers is certified to have the requiredinsurance coverage to protect property owners. “The service industry and consumers are being attacked by unscrupulousindividuals leaving all without recourse,” the President of We CheckIncorporated, Michael Stine, said. “We Check Incorporated will allowconsumers to not only receive services, but also get to the towingbusinesses certified by We Check Incorporated. This is going to be awin-win for every party involved.” As part of its company policy, all We Check Incorporated member towerswill wear ID badges and have had successfully completed backgroundchecks. To better keep clients “in the know,” We Check Incorporatedemails drivers information and promises to keep its users informed aboutevery aspect of their towing service. “Every second a broken down motorist remains idle the odds of a seriousproblem increase,” Stine said. “You can leave feedback about yourservice, post towing reviews on our forums and even chat with yourprovider. We want the lines of communication to constantly be open.” Those who visit the website can find a wealth of information thatincludes links to compliant members and compliant drivers, as well aslinks to non-confirmed members and non-compliant companies. Websitevisitors also can learn more about We Check Incorporated services throughthe testimonials and articles written about We Check IncorporatedServices on its website. Visitors also will find a link to the currentregulations in play for towing services. We Check Incorporated even has amessage board on its website where potential customers can read postsabout towing information and post towing reviews. “We want to continue to provide and arm people with knowledge about ourservices,” Stine adds. “That’s been our goal from day one.” We Check Incorporated is a consumer as well as a business advocacy group.Those interested in using We Check Incorporated advanced services,checking out towing reviews or becoming a We Check Incorporated membercan visit the organization’s website at http://www.wecheckinc.com. Press Contact: Corinne Reed719-359-0420 Copyright 2013, Marketwire, All rights reserved.-0-